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What is the percentage of cocoa in your chocolate bars?

Our dark bars are made with 72% cocoa solids, the milk bars are made with 38% cocoa solids and the white chocolate bars contain 29% cocoa solids.


What size/weight are the chocolate bars?



Is your chocolate "Bean-to-Bar"?

Our chocolate is made using organic and fair trade couverture. The cocoa beans are grown in the Dominican Republic and are made into chocolate couverture by a Belgian chocolate company called Belcolade. We choose this particular chocolate because it is free from soy lecithin and palm oil, it's organic and the farmers who grow it are paid properly for their work. 

We temper the chocolate (a process that creates the beautiful shiny bar we know and love) and add our own flavours, eg. Anglesey sea salt, Welsh Roasted Coffee, etc. We turn the chocolate couverture into a range of chocolate bars and truffles.


What's wrong with soy and palm oil?

Both ingredients are used in nearly everything. Because of this, soy and palm oil crops are grown in huge amounts to be able to keep up with demand. They grow best near the equator and as such, vast areas of tropical rainforests are cut down to make way for soy and palm oil plantations. Many animals are on the verge of extinction due to habitat loss because of our use of these two plants. Chocolate needs neither. Soy is used as an emulsifier and makes chocolate easier to work with, as well as extending the shelf life. Palm oil is used to replace the cocoa butter that is naturally found in chocolate. Cocoa butter can then be sold to be used in beauty products and moisturisers, etc. We think chocolate tastes better with the cocoa butter left in and the soy and palm oil left out. Plus we sleep easier at night doing things this way. We call it "chocolate made the nice way".


Are your products free from allergens?

We source chocolate that is free from soy lecithin because the way soy is grown is not particularly ethical. We cannot guarantee our chocolate is free from any allergens as they are all made in a kitchen where allergens are present.

We use nuts in two of our bars (pecans and pistachios) and although we are careful to avoid cross contamination, we cannot guarantee there is no trace of any allergens in our products. 


Are your products gluten free?

The chocolate bars are free from ingredients that contain gluten, however they are all made in a kitchen where gluten is present.

The truffles do contain gluten as there is barley in the liqueurs used to flavour them.


Do you have any bars that are dairy free?

All our dark bars are free from dairy. Separate machines and moulds are used for our dark bars to avoid cross contamination, however they are made in a kitchen where dairy products (milk and white chocolate bars) are also made. 

Flavours include Lime & Sea Salt, Coffee, Chilli, Mint, Plain Dark and 100% cocoa.


Do you have any bars that are sugar free?

We offer a 100% cocoa bar that has no sugar or sweetener added at all. The key with this bar is to enjoy it in small amounts and let it melt on your tongue rather than chewing it. If you are looking for a sweet alternative to sugary chocolate, this may not be for you, however if you have weaned yourself off sugar and want a full bodied chocolate hit with lots of health benefits - try the 100% cocoa bar!


Can we visit The Little Welsh Chocolate Company?

At the moment our facilities are for manufacturing only. We do not have a shop or a license to sell from our premises, however we do have an online shop and you can also purchase our bars from our stockists.

We do not currently offer tours as our facilities are not suitable  for this.


I live locally. Can I order online but collect from you?

Ordinarily yes, but while we are practising social distancing we cannot offer this. With only one person manufacturing and packaging at the moment, it would mean slowing down production. We are currently dealing with a high level of online orders and the only way we can continue to accept orders, under the current restrictions, is by sticking to a strict manufacturing and delivery schedule.


Can I order over the phone?

Ordinarily yes, but under the current circumstances surrounding Covid-19 we are unable to take orders over the phone. Please see our Covid-19 Update for further information.


Do you have ways for people to order if they are not online? Eg. Postal Order/ Catalogue service?

We are currently only able to sell our products via our online shop.


How do I order online?

If you're on a PC or laptop and you are reading this, you are already on our website. At the top of the page you will see the menu bar. Click on Shop All, then click on All Products. Add products to your basket and checkout!

If you are on your phone, click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. Click on Shop All, then click on All Products. Browse, add to cart and check out. Easy peasy!


I haven't had an order confirmation sent to me. Have you received my order?

Check that you have entered your email correctly. If you haven't, that will be why you have not received a confirmation email. Email us with your correct email address (double check it is correct), and we will resend your confirmation to the correct email address.

If you did enter a correct email address but have not received an order confirmation, check your spam folder.