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What is the percentage of cocoa in your chocolate bars?

Our dark bars are made with 72% cocoa solids, the milk bars are made with 38% cocoa solids and the white chocolate bars contain 29% cocoa solids.


What size/weight are the chocolate bars?



Is your chocolate "Bean-to-Bar"?

Our chocolate is made using organic and fair trade couverture. The cocoa beans are grown in the Dominican Republic and are made into chocolate couverture by a Belgian chocolate company called Belcolade. We choose this particular chocolate because it is free from soy lecithin and palm oil, it's organic and the farmers who grow it are paid properly for their work. 

We temper the chocolate (a process that creates the beautiful shiny bar we know and love) and add our own flavours, eg. Anglesey sea salt, Welsh Roasted Coffee, etc. We turn the chocolate couverture into a range of chocolate bars and truffles.


What's wrong with soy and palm oil?

Both ingredients are used in nearly everything. Because of this, soy and palm oil crops are grown in huge amounts to be able to keep up with demand. They grow best near the equator and as such, vast areas of tropical rainforests are cut down to make way for soy and palm oil plantations. Many animals are on the verge of extinction due to habitat loss because of our use of these two plants. Chocolate needs neither. Soy is used as an emulsifier and makes chocolate easier to work with, as well as extending the shelf life. Palm oil is used to replace the cocoa butter that is naturally found in chocolate. Cocoa butter can then be sold to be used in beauty products and moisturisers, etc. We think chocolate tastes better with the cocoa butter left in and the soy and palm oil left out. Plus we sleep easier at night doing things this way. We call it "chocolate made the nice way".


Are your products free from allergens?

We source chocolate that is free from soy lecithin because the way soy is grown is not particularly ethical. Our kitchen is a soy free zone, however some of our suppliers may have traces of soy in their premises, which means some of our ingredients may contain traces of soy. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are completely free from allergens.

Our chocolate bars are not suitable for people who suffer with nut allergies.


Are your products gluten free?

The chocolate bars are free from ingredients that contain gluten, however they are all made in a kitchen where gluten is present. For example, we used a malted barley liqueur sometimes for one of our truffle flavours. We are careful to avoid cross contamination, however we cannot guarantee there is no trace of gluten in any of our products.


Do you have any bars that are dairy free?

All our dark bars are free from dairy. Separate machines and moulds are used for our dark bars to avoid cross contamination, however they are made in a kitchen where dairy products (milk and white chocolate bars) are also made. 

Flavours include Lime & Sea Salt, Coffee, Chilli, Mint and Plain Dark.


Do you have any bars that are sugar free?

Not at the moment. We have a huge sweet tooth and think that sugar in small amounts is a nice treat. We don't add any E numbers or shelf life extending additives. We just use good quality, organic, natural ingredients. If you're trying to be a bit more healthy, opt for the dark chocolate as it contains the least amount of sugar and have a read of our blog post about the health benefits of chocolate here.


Can we visit The Little Welsh Chocolate Company?

At the moment our facilities are for manufacturing only. We do not have a shop or a license to sell from our premises, however we do have an online shop and you can also purchase our bars from our stockists.

We do not currently offer tours as our facilities are not currently suitable for this.


I live locally. Can I order online but collect from you?

We don't currently offer this but we do offer local delivery at a reduced rate. We are working on offering a click and collect service so watch this space!


Can I order over the phone?

Yes! Give us a call. We'd love to have a natter and help you find your new favourite chocolate!


Do you have ways for people to order if they are not online? Eg. Postal Order/ Catalogue service?

Not at the moment but hopefully one day! Give us a call if you're struggling with ordering online and we'll sort you out.


How do I order online?

If you're on a PC or laptop and you are reading this, you are already on our website. At the top of the page you will see the menu bar. Click on Shop All, then click on All Products. Add products to your basket and checkout.

If you are on your phone, click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. Click on Shop All, then click on All Products. Browse, add to cart and check out. Easy peasy!


I haven't had an order confirmation sent to me. Have you received my order?

Check that you have entered your email correctly. We know you'll be excited to get your hands on some lovely little Welsh chocs but slow down and check for typos! If you think you've entered any information incorrectly, send us an email with the correct details and we will update your order and resend your confirmation to the correct email address.

Also check your spam folder. If our emails keep ending up there you might need to add us to your contacts list to help our messages go to your main inbox.


You haven't answered my question!

Pop us an email! Or give us a call. Either way, we'd love to hear from you! If we don't answer straight away it's because we're making chocolate but we'll get back to you as soon as we've washed the chocolate splatters off ourselves.

Email: info@thelittlewelshchocolatecompany.com

Tel: 01633546200