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Chocolate Delice

This little beauty of a recipe is by the lovely James Martin. We appeared on James' Saturday Morning Show in October 2020 via Zoom, to talk about life in lockdown and of course, chocolate!

We had sent James some of our 72% dark chocolate, sourced from organic and fair trade cooperatives in the Dominican Republic. We always use this chocolate for anything we make as we know the farmers have been paid fairly, the cocoa has been grown organically, so no pesticides or chemicals have been used, and it is free from palm oil and soy. Winner!

James whipped up this luxurious chocolate delice within minutes. It's the perfect dish to impress dinner guests! 

100g dark chocolate (chopped)
150ml double cream
1tbsp extra virgin olive oil

To finish - a few foraged delights:
Blackcurrant sorbet
Edible flowers
Mint leaves
Blackberry puree
Dried blackberry dust
A few fresh blackberries


Heat the oil and chocolate together in a pan on low heat, whisking until combined. Add the oil and whisk again. Pour into individual moulds and leave to set at room temperature.

To serve: Place each chocolate delice onto a plate and remove from the mould. Decorate with the edible flowers, mint, blackberries and blackberry dust and finish with a scoop of sorbet.

Note: If you don't have a ring mould you can just use a ramekin dish or even a wine glass/mug and leave it in there to serve.